10 looks with trendy sneakers

The heat has arrived, and with it, the time of the terraces, the endless days, the short nights and the weekend getaways... for this, we need some off-road summer looks , so that you can leave the house at 6 in the morning to work and you can go directly to an afterwork and a dinner with your friends. On the market, there are many very comfortable sandals , but there is nothing better than good slippers ... comfortable, all-terrain and fresh for summer.

But, if it happens to you like us, that summer arrives and you think: How do I combine my sneakers in summer in an elegant way? This is your site. We give you tips to use your favorite sports shoes in summer, ideas for looks to go comfortably to work in summer and we tell you which are the trending sports shoes for this summer 2023.

How to combine sneakers to go to work

  • Maxi dresses or mini dresses

A daring contrast that fuses elegance and comfort, allowing us to create avant-garde looks full of personality. The secret is in choosing the right dress. Opt for a long dress in a light, flowing fabric, such as chiffon or chiffon, that moves gracefully as you walk. Floral prints or bright colors will add a touch of joy and freshness to the outfit. Then, combine this dress with a pair of sneakers with a modern and striking design . You can opt for classic white sneakers for a minimalist look, or take a chance on bright colored sneakers to stand out even more. This contrast between the elegance of the dress and the informality of the sneakers will create a unique and original style.

  • Total look in trend

Style meets comfort! In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, more and more people are challenging the norm and combining chic and sporty in one look . A trend that has conquered hearts and wardrobes alike is the combination of a total look with sneakers . You can opt for a set of matching pants and jacket in neutral tones such as grey, white or black. If you are looking for a more avant-garde style, dare to experiment with vibrant colors and prints.

  • kimonos

An iconic garment of Japanese culture, the kimono evokes images of elegance and grace. With its flowing structure and intricate patterns, it has captivated people around the world for centuries. It is essential to choose a kimono that has a modern cut and design. The key to combining a kimono with sneakers is to find the balance . If the kimono is elaborate and striking, choose simpler and more minimalist sneakers to avoid visual clutter. On the other hand, if the kimono is more discreet, some striking sneakers can add a touch of originality to the outfit.

  • Flowy blazer and pants

By combining the blazer and flowing pants with the sneakers , you will achieve a unique combination full of personality. This set will allow you to move freely and comfortably throughout the day, without sacrificing the sophisticated style you want to project.

To complete your look, you can add some elegant yet understated accessories, such as a dainty necklace or statement earrings. Remember that the details make the difference, and a touch of additional sophistication can take your style to another level.

  • Short straight skirts

From denim skirts to leather or soft fabric skirts, the options are endless. Each material and design provides a unique opportunity to experiment with the combination of textures and patterns. For example, a short black leather skirt paired with white sneakers creates a sophisticated and modern contrast, while a distressed denim short skirt with vibrantly colored sneakers adds a touch of fun and youth to the outfit.

  • romantic dress

The key to achieving this harmonious union is in the contrast. By combining the femininity and delicacy of the romantic dress with the sporty and casual touch of the sneakers, a unique synergy is created that reflects a personal and avant-garde style.

  • Stylize without heels: look with jeans and sports

The contrast between flared jeans and sneakers creates a unique balance in style. While flared jeans add an air of sophistication, trainers add a playful, modern edge. This unusual combination stands out for its ability to break with conventions and generate a fresh and original appearance, as well as greatly stylize our figure but in a comfortable way.

  • satin skirts

To give a touch of informality to the satin skirt, nothing better than combining it with sneakers . The sneakers bring comfort and a casual touch to the look, creating an interesting contrast with the elegance of satin. You can opt for classic white sneakers for a minimalist and timeless look, or choose platform sneakers with colorful details to add a touch of fun.

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