There is nothing better than platform sandals for summer. Of course, they must be comfortable . Platform sandals greatly stylize the figure and we can wear them during the day, for a walk, or at night, for dinner and going out. It is a very versatile and chic type of footwear and offers us endless possibilities to look fashionable while we enjoy the summer in style. The important thing is to combine comfort and style with examples like our stylish neon platform sandals, you have it all in one.

Here we leave you: 7 ways to wear platform sandals this summer .

What are good platform sandals like?

We are going to name some characteristics that all platform sandals must present so that you can wear the best on the market.

  • Comfort: it is the most important thing in a platform sandal. Comfort is essential in every shoe, but more so when you are at a certain height. The best thing is that they are made of a soft material and at the same time that it does not allow you to become destabilized . Also, the insole of the shoe must be soft and padded .
  • Support: it is also one of the most important aspects of platform sandals, they must have a very complete support system that does not cause chafing.
  • Your Style : It is important that you buy platform sandals that follow your own style and not because they are fashionable or not. In the end, our way of dressing defines our own style and personality and therefore the shoes have to go accordingly.
  • Versatility : Platform sandals are essential, since it is a shoe that can be used for him day to day, for a walk or for a long summer night.

How to combine platform sandals

    1. Boho-Chic style : If you are a lover of the bohemian style, combine your platform sandals with a long and flowing dress, plain or printed with floral or ethnic motifs . Add some bohemian-inspired accessories, like a long beaded necklace or a flower headband. Your look will radiate freedom and summer spirit.

    2. Platform sandals and wide pants : Dare with this mix. Flat platform sandals are the best option for this look. Apart from being comfortable, you are very fashionable, skinny pants are no longer worn. With wide or palazzo pants, platform sandals are scandalous since they greatly enhance your figure.

    3. With boyfriend jeans : oversize jeans have been in fashion for a few seasons now, combining them with platform thong sandals and a top or blouse to create a perfect look for halftime, comfortable and all-terrain.

    4. Minimalist Glamor : Minimalism is not incompatible with elegance. Choose platform sandals in neutral tones and combine them with a midi dress, a long dress or a cargo skirt in a single tone, such as white, black, green or beige. Add a livelier crossbody bag and some statement earrings to enhance your minimal chic style. lilac platform sandals

    5. Skirt or mini dress : As we have already mentioned, platform sandals greatly enhance the figure. Combining platform sandals with short garments such as a short jean skirt or a summery dress is a safe and super versatile hit, for a day at the beach or a night out. Combine it with platform sandals in vibrant colors to highlight your fresh summer look.

    6. Sporty Style with a Touch of Height: If you are a fan of sporty style, you can wear platform sandals with an athleisure touch . Combine sandals with sporty details with leggings and a graphic T-shirt. Add a lightweight bomber jacket for a modern, urban look.

    7. Mix & Match : Don't be afraid to mix styles ! Pair your platform sandals with a leather skirt and a graphic tee for a cool, rocker look. Add a denim or leather jacket for an extra bit of attitude.

Remember that fashion is a form of personal expression, so feel free to experiment and adapt these ideas to your own style. This summer, walk with confidence and elevate your outfit with fabulous platform sandals to another level!

pink platform sandals

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