The boho style is characterized by being original, romantic, comfortable and different. The best known is the boho chic style, although later we will see in more detail the different types of boho style that there are!

The boho style is a current fashion trend, it mixes eras, styles, many colors... The result? A creative and comfortable look, original and with a lot of character, natural and wild at the same time. If we had to define the Boho trend in one sentence it would be: Freedom mixing styles with creativity, originality, comfort and elegance.

Also, it should be noted that the boho style is also a decoration style. It is a decorative trend that mixes cultures, times, colors with freedom.

Where does the boho style come from?

The Boho style arises from the city of love, Paris, from artists, writers and intellectuals, the so-called Bohemians at that time. This current spread throughout Europe and was used to define its own artistic doctrine and ideology. The Boho style has evolved over time, being affected by the romantics of the 19th century and the hippie movement, up to the present day.

Currently there are many Boho styles, the Boho-chic style, the boho-hippie style... or how it is currently called 'gipsy'. It is about uniting current trends, with original and different garments, flowing clothes with all of nature and mystical accessories.

How to get a boho-chic style? follow the fashion trend

  1. Does Patchwork ring a bell? It has become fashionable since the pandemic. Join pieces of different fabrics to form a new garment. Well, pieces of thread, crochet, patchwork, original prints or fringes are essential to achieve a boho-chic style.

  2. Long and flowing clothing, with movement . Long dresses, skirts, blouses, kimonos with prints... are good ideas for a boho-chic look.

  3. Accessories are very important to the look . Hats, bags, bonbonnieres, original boots ... the more exotic and different the better.

  4. Colors inspired by nature: brown, toasted, blue...

  5. Original garments . Ponchos, second-hand clothes, sarongs... garments that combined with basics create incredible boho looks.

Now you would be a total gypsy! But we still want to tell you more things and give you more ideas for a scandalous boho chic look.

Boho Style Types

  • Boho-minimal : The boho minimal style is based on using natural, simple and organic clothing. Combine the simplicity of white or beige with more terracotta or blue tones, some fringe... but without being too overloaded.

  • Boho-glam : The boho glam style is rebellious and daring, modern, but with a retro air. It is a boho style that seeks elegance at the same time.

  • Boho-chic : Denim with floral prints with urban and chic touches.

  • Boho-street : Fusion between the hippie and a cowboy style.

  • Boho-Hipster : Vintage clothing, coats with long hair, fringes or feathers.

What clothes and accessories are worn in the Boho-chic style?

As we have mentioned, the boho style is based on mixing various styles in an elegant and original way. This style is characterized by wearing many flared dresses, vests, blouses, jeans, skirts... and how accessories are a key piece. Hats, feathers, necklaces and large earrings, boots and flat ankle boots ... Now we will tell you point by point the different garments to achieve a boho-chic style. It is important to combine wide garments with tight ones, without going overboard with patterns and not overloading the outfits too much.

Boho Tops & Blouses

Blouses or shirts with flower prints or large motifs in earth colors such as maroon, terracotta, green, beige... are typical of the boho style, with ruffles, lace, pompoms... they are usually wide. They can be worn in many ways, open, with a skirt, tied at the waist or just like a kimono! Denim shirts are also a must in boho outfits, there are some even with colored pompoms or decorations. Tops are also essential, especially crochet or knit.

Bohemian pants and jeans

Flared jeans, pleated or patterned pants are the most typical of the boho style. Jeans and pleated or paper bag pants combined with printed blouses or shirts and more basic tops for printed pants make a total boho look. In addition, both flared pants and paper bags highlight the waist and slim the legs.

Boho style skirts

A midi skirt with a flare, a jean or a printed miniskirt. The three types of boho style skirts. But what goes with each skirt? A jean skirt combined with a blouse or a top with a printed kimono, for example. Midi skirts are ideal with buttons in the middle, high waisted, combined with lace or knitted tops, with feathers, for example in the hair, and ankle boots. Finally, miniskirts, with flowers or patterns, are ideal with good boots or boho-style ankle boots.

boho style dresses

Flight and more flight! Dresses with a lot of movement, long and short, earth and natural colours, flowers, prints... they are characterized by being very comfortable dresses and very easily combinable, for example with good ankle boots and a vest. Also, of course, the jean dresses, perfectly combinable with everything.

bohemian footwear

Boots or ankle boots whether winter or summer! The cowboy style or original boots or ankle boots with prints are ideal for wearing a boho-chic style. In the end, the garments are practically of the same style. What matters most in the boho style are the accessories that you use to make your boho look unique.

bohemian accessories

Bags, scarves, jewelry, hair... everything is important in the boho style. Fringed bags are essential in the boho style, jewelry and maxi earrings, feathers in your hair and earrings, flower scarves... You choose how you wear everything! An idea… it is very fashionable in the boho style to wear scarves in your hair.

How do you wear the boho style?

Now we will tell you the good practices and bad practices of the boho style. List?

  • Looks with a palette of harmonic and natural colors that focus on the earth.
  • The patterns and the volume of the garments are very important
  • Mix boho clothes with current clothes
  • Too loaded looks
  • It's not a costume! you have to feel yourself too
  • To think that the boho style does not suit you! Everybody can take it

Boho looks in winter and autumn

Maxi dresses with long beige coats and boots, with colorful or flowery scarves, a fringed bag... They make the winter that many people see black and boring look in full color.

Boho looks in summer and spring

Play the same as in winter, but take risks! Garments with prints, colors, miniskirts, tops, espadrilles or original sandals and you cannot miss a crochet bag to achieve a boho chic idea.

boho style fringed bag

Boho style fashion references and icons

Here we leave you some fashion icons of the boho chic style! Take the opportunity to be inspired by the tips to wear a boho style. There are many celebrities with an incredible boho-chic style, we share some of them with you!
We also take the opportunity to remind you that no style has age, you can wear what you want and when you want, here we leave you examples of all ages, so you can see that the style is worn on the outside but also on the inside.
  • florence welch
  • Sienna Miller
  • Kate Moss
  • The Olsen Twins
  • Elsa Pataky
  • Sarah Carbonero
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