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In Mumka, if there is something that is not missing, it is shoes. We have a wide variety of models and types of footwear for women. Flat sneakers, colored sneakers, platform sneakers, vegan footwear , plain sneakers and original women's patterned sneakers are some examples of the shoes that you can find in our ecommerce or physical store.

Catalog of original women's shoes

At Mumka we care as much about the environment as who wears our shoes. All our sneakers are vegan , sustainable, handmade, unique, as well as being comfortable and casual in style. We believe in different fashion, in original, personalized shoes , in cheerful and fun designs capable of turning any outfit into a daily, daring look and above all creating trends and being fashionable.

Our sneakers are made of high quality synthetic leather. They are comfortable women's shoes with the interior covered in cotton and the exterior with solvent-free dye. All our shoes are unique, not all will be the same, designed in Barcelona , ​​the heart of art, color, design and fashion.

Mumka has a presence throughout Europe, the United States and the UK. You can buy our women's shoes online through our ecommerce or in our two physical stores located in the center of Barcelona.

Original shoes full of color

How boring would be a world where we all dressed the same, don't you think? Mumka is born from this need. To get out of the ordinary, to find your own way, to take risks. The shoes that you can find in Mumka are original women's shoes, they are different designs, many colors and unique prints. Each shoe has its own history and in a pair of shoes there is a difference between one and the other. We want you to feel unique wearing our original sneakers, because in the end, we are all unique and our look has to show it.

For example, we have shoes with flowers, love, with phrases, with animals, nature ... Depending on the print, some women's shoes are more for winter, although others are ideal for summer . In our social networks you will find tips and ideas for looks with printed sneakers to wear your Mumka.

Get the best shoe models at Mumka!

Apart from going out of the ordinary, we do not forget the essentials, the wardrobe funds, the shoes that combine with everything ! We have women's white, black and beige platform shoes . If you want a cheap and quality white women's platform shoe, it is a very good option. In addition, to give it an original touch you can combine them with laces of different colors or decorations. In our social networks you will find ideas and combinations on how to tie shoelaces in a different way, because our essence you already know what it is: original and different fashion !